Cabin Country

Welcome to cabin country – where rolling parkland transitions to northern boreal forest that covers half of the province and frames nearly 100,000 lakes and rivers. Here, summer days are spent at the beach with your toes in the sand, roasting marshmallows and telling stories around the fire and vacationing with family at your cottage or favourite campground. 


Duck Mountain Provincial Park

Madge Lake, 25 km E of Kamsack

Accommodations: camping (Camp-Easy sites – two lakefront yurts), Madge Lake Retreats

Amenities/Nearby Attractions: beach, golfing (Madge Lake Golf Resort), hiking (Trans Canada Trail), Sask Aquatic Adventures, horseback riding (Madge Lake Riding Stables), mini golf (Waves Ice Cream & Mini Golf), disc golf, fishing, marina/boat rentals (Pickerel Point Marina)



Greenwater Lake Provincial Park

Location: Greenwater Lake, 38 km N of Kelvington

Accommodations: camping (Camp-Easy sites – two yurts), Greenwater Cabin Rentals Ltd.

Amenities/Nearby Attractions: beach, golfing (Greenhills Golf Resort), hiking, birdwatching/wildlife viewing, Sask Aquatic Adventures, mini golf, fishing, marina/boat rentals (Greenwater Lake Marina)



Candle Lake Provincial Park

Location: Candle Lake, 80 km NE of Prince Albert

Accommodations: camping, Candle Lake Golf Resort

Amenities/Nearby Attractions: beach (purple sand beach, sand dunes), golfing (Candle Lake Golf Resort), hiking, mini golf, marina/boat rentals/BBQ Boats (Candle Lake Golf Resort), fishing, disc golf, Sask Aquatic Adventures



Narrow Hills Provincial Park

Location: 25+ lakes, including Lower Fishing Lake and the Gem Lakes, 78 km N of Smeaton

Accommodations: camping (Camp-Easy sites – two yurts), Caribou Creek Lodge Ltd., Pine Ridge Resort

Amenities/Nearby Attractions: beach, fishing/fly fishing, hiking (Gem Lakes Trail), birdwatching/wildlife viewing, mountain biking, Narrow Hills Scenic Drive



Great Blue Heron Provincial Park

Location: Emma Lake/Christopher Lake/Anglin Lake, 50 km N of Prince Albert

Accommodations: camping (Camp-Easy site – one Mongolian yurt), Land of the Loon Resort, Sunset Bay Resort

Amenities/Nearby Attractions: beach, golfing (Emma Lake Golf Course), hiking, mountain biking, birdwatching/wildlife viewing, disc golf, fishing



Meadow Lake Provincial Park

Location: 20+ lakes, including Greig Lake/Kimball Lake/Waterhen Lake/Lac des Iles, 40 km N of Meadow Lake

Accommodations: camping (Camp-Easy sites – two yurts), Lake Time Rentals, Tawaw Cabins 2004 Ltd, Flotten Lake Adventures ResortNorthern Cross Resort, Pierce Lake Lodge, Big Island Cove Resort

Amenities/Nearby Attractions: beach, golfing (Northern Meadows Golf Club), hiking (Boreal Trail), birdwatching/wildlife viewing, mini golf (Dutch Treat Mini Golf), fishing, boat rentals (Greig Lake Store)



Makwa Lake Provincial Park

Location: 5 lakes, including Makwa Lake, 4 km W of Loon Lake

Accommodations: camping

Amenities/Nearby Attractions: beach, golfing (Loon Lake Golf Course), hiking, birdwatching/wildlife viewing, mini golf (Beach Coners Ice Cream and Mini Golf), fishing, Steele Narrows Provincial Park


For provincial parks reservations, visit or call toll-free 1-833-7SK-PARK (1-833-775-7275). For general inquiries, call toll-free 1-800-205-7070


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