Hunting Resources from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment

Saskatchewan has an automated hunting, angling and trapping licence (HAL) system in place.  Licences are available online any time, through private issuers, Ministry of Environment and select provincial park offices, or by phone at 1-855-848-4773. For information on hunting licence fees, firearm regulations and season dates, visit

Purchasing A Licence:

Anglers will need to create a Hunting, Angling and Trapping (HAL) identification to purchase a licence. This a one-time requirement. You can purchase your licence through any one of the following methods:

1. The online hunting, angling and trapping (HAL) licencing system

2. Through private issuers, Ministry of Environment and select Provincial Park offices;

3. By phone at 1-855-848-4773 (8 a.m. – 9 p.m. Saskatchewan time)


Firearms and all other weapons

All weapons – including firearms, mace, tear gas and pepper spray – must be declared to customs upon arrival. Under Canadian law, visitors are not allowed to import firearms and defensive sprays for personal protection. Visitors who are at least 18 years old may import ordinary rifles and shotguns for hunting, sporting use, competition, movement in transit, or for protection against wildlife in remote areas (excluding National Parks). The importation is allowed, provided the customs is satisfied with the circumstances of the importation.

Restricted firearms include:

  • Most handguns;
  • Semi-automatic rifles and shotguns that are capable of discharging centre-fire ammunition, have barrels between 105 mm (4.14 inches) and 470 mm (18.5 inches) long, and are not otherwise prohibited;
  • Firearms designed or adapted to be fired when reduced to a length less than 660 mm (26 inches) by folding, telescoping and other means; and
  • Firearms restricted by regulations.

Prohibited firearms include:

  • Handguns with barrels less than or equal to 105 mm (4.14 inches) long;
  • Handguns designed or adapted to discharge a 25- or 32-calibre cartridge;
  • Firearms adapted from rifles or shotguns by sawing, cutting or any other alteration, that, when adapted in this way, are less than 660 mm (26 inches) long or have a barrel that is less than 457 mm (18.5 inches) long;
  • Automatic firearms, whether or not altered to fire in the manner of a semi-automatic firearm; and
  • Firearms prohibited by regulations.

If you were born after January 1, 1971, you are required to provide proof that you have successfully completed the Saskatchewan firearm safety/hunter education training or a similar recognized course from another jurisdiction before you can buy, hold, or apply for a hunting or trapping licence. If requested to do so by the licence vendor, you must produce a valid certificate or you will be denied a licence.

In addition, all hunters under the age of 18 must have a minor’s firearm licence. Applications can be obtained by calling the Canadian Firearms Centre at 1-800-731-4000.

Big Game Hunting

White tail deer Saskatchewan, CanadaTo hunt big game (white-tailed deer, moose and black bear), all hunters require a Saskatchewan Wildlife Habitat Certificate and a species licence. Some big game require special protection, and may only be hunted by Saskatchewan residents. A quota of licences for either-sex elk, moose, deer and antelope are available to the big game draw.

All non-resident big game hunters and Canadian resident moose hunters must use the services of an outfitter. Non-resident hunters are allowed one either-sex white-tailed deer licence. Non-resident moose permits are available across the north, by allocation to outfitters. Non-resident hunters must locate outfitters with permits.

Non-residents of Canada are required to use the services of licenced outfitters to hunt big game including white-tailed deer, moose and bear. This restriction does not apply to Canadian residents hunting big game in Saskatchewan other than moose. Visiting big-game hunters must deal directly with outfitters to obtain the appropriate licences.

Non-residents should contact Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment for more information prior to planning big game hunts.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment provides an annual Hunters’ and Trappers’ Guide available at that outlines new regulations, season dates and fees to resident and non-resident hunters. 

If you require detailed information on hunting regulations, consult the Hunters’ and Trappers’ Guide.


Bird Hunting

Bird Hunting Saskatchewan, CanadaWATERFOWL

To hunt waterfowl you will need a Saskatchewan Wildlife Habitat Certificate, a game bird licence, and a Canadian migratory game bird hunting permit and stamp. The Canadian permit and stamp are available at Canadian post offices or online at

Non-residents may hunt geese, ducks, coots and common snipe. Season dates vary from zone to zone, generally beginning in September and lasting until early December.


To hunt upland game birds, hunters require a Saskatchewan Wildlife Habitat Certificate and a game bird licence. Non-residents may hunt for sharp-tailed grouse, Hungarian partridge, ruffed grouse, spruce grouse and ptarmigan. Non-residents should contact the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment for more information prior to planning their hunt.

Canadian and non-resident upland game bird hunts have season limits for sharp-tailed grouse and Hungarian partridge in addition to daily bag limits. Each harvested bird is required to be tagged with seals provided with the licence. For more information on season limits and bagging requirements, consult the latest Saskatchewan Hunters’ and Trappers’ Guide or call Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment.