Pick a Park

At these 11 provincial parks and recreation sites in central and southeast Saskatchewan, opportunities abound for boating and watersports, fishing, canoeing, kayaking and sunny summer days at the beach. Find that perfect spot to pitch a tent at one of the great campgrounds, explore the park on a nature hike or hit some balls at a nearby golf course.

1. Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park

Location: Good Spirit Lake, 48 km NW of Yorkton

Accommodations: camping (Camp-Easy sites – one tent and two yurts), Good Spirit Golf Resort, Mistik Resort

Amenities/Nearby Attractions: beach, golfing (Good Spirit Golf Resort - outside of park), hiking (Trans Canada Trail), disc golf, mini golf (PAR-TICI-PUTT Mini Golf & Rentals), fishing, boat/equipment rentals (PAR-TICI-PUTT Mini Golf & Rentals)


2. The Battlefords Provincial Park

Location: Jackfish Lake, 39 km N of North Battleford

Accommodations: camping, Jackfish Lodge Golf & Conference Centre

Amenities/Nearby Attractions: beach, golfing (Jackfish Lodge Golf & Conference Centre), hiking, mountain biking, Sask Aquatic Adventures, mini golf (Lakeshore Mini Golf), disc golf, fishing, boat/equipment rentals (Beachside Boat Rental)


3. Blackstrap Provincial Park

Location: Blackstrap Lake, 40 km SE of Saskatoon

Accommodations: camping (Camp-Easy sites – two yurts)

Amenities/Nearby Attractions: beach, hiking, birdwatching/wildlife viewing, mountain biking, disc golf, Sask Aquatic Adventures, fishing


4. Pike Lake Provincial Park

Location: Pike Lake, 30 km SW of Saskatoon

Accommodations: camping (Camp-Easy site – one yurt), Night Owl Camping Cabins

Amenities/Nearby Attractions: beach, hiking, swimming pool/waterslide (wheelchair accessible), birdwatching/wildlife viewing, mini golf (Pike Lake Minigolf), disc golf, bike rentals (Aurora E-Bike Rentals), fishing


5. Moose Mountain Provincial Park

Location: Kenosee Lake, 23 km N of Carlyle

Accommodations: camping, Kenosee Inn and Cabins

Amenities/Nearby Attractions: beach, golfing (Golf Kenosee, White Bear Golf Course – outside of park), hiking, birdwatching/wildlife viewing, mountain biking, fishing, disc golf, horseback riding (Kenosee Lake Riding Academy), mini golf (Masters Mini Golf), boat/equipment rentals, bike rentals (306 E-Bike Rentals), Prairie Dog Drive-In Theatre (outside of park), Cannington Manor Provincial Historic Park


6. Echo Valley Provincial Park

Location: Echo Lake/Pasqua Lake, 8 km W of Fort Qu’Appelle

Accommodations: camping (Camp-Easy sites – three yurts)

Amenities/Nearby Attractions: beach, fishing, hiking, birdwatching/wildlife viewing, mini golf (Echo-Par Mini Golf), golfing (Echo Ridge Golf Course – outside of park), Saskatchewan Fish Hatchery


7. Katepwa Point Provincial Park

(Day-use park - no entry fee)

Location: Katepwa Lake, 17 km SE of Fort Qu’Appelle

Accommodations: Sundays Log Cabins, Katepwa Beach Hotel

Amenities/Nearby Attractions (outside of park): beach, fishing, hiking, golfing (Katepwa Beach Golf Club), disc golf, birdwatching/wildlife viewing


8. Crooked Lake Provincial Park

Location: Crooked Lake, 30 km N of Broadview/Trans-Canada Hwy 1

Accommodations: camping (Camp-Easy site – one yurt)

Amenities/Nearby Attractions: beach, fishing, hiking, birdwatching/wildlife viewing, golfing (Last Oak Golf and Country Club – outside of park at Cowessess First Nation)


9. Buffalo Pound Provincial Park

Location: Buffalo Pound Lake, 33 km NE of Moose Jaw

Accommodations: camping (Camp-Easy sites – two yurts; hammock camping)

Amenities/Nearby Attractions: beach, mountain biking (Fresh Trails Mountain Bike Skills), hiking, swimming pool (wheelchair accessible), birdwatching/wildlife viewing (Nicolle Flats Interpretive Area), mini golf (Squirrely Putt & Play), disc golf, fishing, bison herd


10. Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park

Location: Last Mountain Lake, 46 km NW of Regina

Accommodations: camping, G & S Marina Outfitters

Amenities/Nearby Attractions: beach, fishing, hiking, birdwatching/wildlife viewing, Wild Waves Waterpark, mini golf (Rowan’s Ravine Mini Golf Course)


11. Regina Beach Recreation Site

(Day-use park - no entry fee)

Location: Last Mountain Lake, 50 km N of Regina

Amenities/Nearby Attractions: beach (accessible with a beach mat and floating beach wheelchair), Sask Aquatic Adventures, fishing, hiking, birdwatching/wildlife viewing, golfing (Regina Beach Golf Club)


For provincial parks reservations, visit parks.saskatchewan.ca or call toll-free 1-833-7SK-PARK (1-833-775-7275). For general inquiries, call toll-free 1-800-205-7070


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