Hidden Gems and Roadside Attractions

It’s time for a road trip! You’ll find surprising sights and welcoming communities down the highways and back roads of Saskatchewan. Watch for these hidden gems and selfie-worthy roadside attractions on your travels.

Cochin Lighthouse


A landlocked prairie province is the last place you’d expect to find a lighthouse, but if you take a trip to Cochin, you’ll see one with your own eyes. The Cochin Lighthouse was built in 1988 on Pirot Hill overlooking Jackfish and Murray lakes. Climb the 153 steps up the hill to visit the structure and you will be treated with an amazing view of the surrounding landscape and vast prairie skies.



World’s Largest Bunnock


If you don’t know what a bunnock is, take a trip to Macklin and check out the World’s Largest Bunnock sculpture that doubles as a tourist information centre. A bunnock is the anklebone of a horse and used in a game of the same name. Each year, the town hosts a world championship tournament that draws more than 1,000 competitors.



Sesula Mineral and Gem Museum and Rock Shop


Remember the childhood thrill of finding a beautiful stone at the beach or just off a forest path? At the Sesula Mineral and Gem Museum and Rock Shop in Radisson, relive that fascination and discover a trove of gems and minerals. The museum also has Canada’s only baby T. rex on permanent display. Launched in 2016 by Judah Tyreman, who was just 12 years old at the time, and his little sister Avi, the museum is a treat for rock lovers or anyone who enjoys spending time discovering something unusual and new.



Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum


Take a photo with Canada’s biggest bat at the Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Battleford. With over 4,000 archival materials, the museum displays the province’s rich baseball history dating back to 1879.



Unique Roadside Attractions

As your road trip continues, watch for these larger-than-life roadside attractions along the way:

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