5 Places Serving Tasty Hot Chocolate in Regina

You could say I had a goal. It may have been more of a mission, but I was out to discover some of the best cups of hot chocolate in Regina. In my search, I found several that will satisfy your tastebuds and keep you warm this winter. Enjoy these amazing local cafés and their mouth-watering treats.

Excalipurr Cat Café

The delicious hot chocolate was not the only thing that warmed me up at Excalipurr Cat Café. While I sipped, I had cats coming over for snuggles. There are two rooms to enjoy your hot drinks – the café itself, and an adjacent cat room. That’s right – a room filled with cats! They are from local rescues and can be adopted after they seduce you with their furry charm. I enjoyed my hot chocolate topped with candy cane in the cat room and soaked up some pet therapy. I left with an empty mug, but my soul was warm and full.

Utopia Café

Utopia Café has mastered the art of hot chocolate-making for the season. Its selections explode with flavour and are beautifully crafted with unique personal touches. The S’more Hot Chocolate is topped with marshmallows and graham crackers that are directly infused into the chocolate. Korean-inspired flavour shines through in the unique Dalgona Hot Chocolate. This special white chocolate beverage with salted caramel is topped with whipped cream and homemade dalgona candy.

Dandy’s Artisan Ice Cream

Known primarily for handcrafted artisan ice cream and gourmet chocolates, Dandy’s Artisan Ice Cream is offering visitors a decadent hot treat this season. Throughout the winter, a monthly hot chocolate flavour is on its seasonal drink menu. Each is made with premium ingredients. Featured flavours include Red Velvet Hot Chocolate topped with cream cheese whipped cream, and a Grinch-inspired creation that screams “festive” as it glows bright green and is topped with a peppermint-infused light green whipped cream.

The Everyday Kitchen

The weather outside might be frightful, but enjoying a cosy hot chocolate next to the glowing fireplace at The Everyday Kitchen is a great way to warm up. Talented baristas craft elegant designs into every cup. There’s even a kid’s size for those mini hot chocolate lovers. Pair your drink with one of its famous mouth-watering sourdough doughnuts.

Fresh & Sweet

Fresh & Sweet gives kids and adults a chance to enjoy the simplicity of childhood. While waiting for your order, enjoy playing hopscotch in the hallway between the restaurant and its sister company Fresh Carnival. The S’more Hot Chocolate hit the spot and was one of my favourites. If coffee is more your thing, try one of the lattés with a unique twist. Your sweet tooth will be thanking you after your visit.


Author and Photographer: Annika Mang

Annika Mang

Annika Mang is a writer and photographer based in Regina, Saskatchewan with a focus on family adventure.

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