Local Love in Saskatchewan

Supporting our locally owned businesses has never been more important for our communities and province. Whether it’s a staycation at a local hotel, enjoying takeout from an independently owned restaurant, shopping at a locally owned boutique or experiencing an adventure in your own backyard, there’s never been a better time to discover what’s right in front of you. You never know, you might be supporting one of your neighbours, and that feels pretty good. 


Eat Local

From farm to table, Saskatchewan is raising eyebrows and generating rave reviews, whether it’s an urban bistro or a hidden gem in a small town. It’s quite appetizing to know that no matter where you are in this province there is a place worth eating at (or ordering from) close by. 


Here is a heaping plate full of places we recommend.

Drink Local

If winter made its own drink what would it be? Would it be warm and comforting or flavourful and frosty? A craft beer, a can of ginger kombuchas, marshmallow-filled hot chocolate or great coffee may come to mind. Like the food scene, Saskatchewan’s breweries are making waves and our cafes are about as cozy as grandma’s knitted blanket. 


Treat your tastebuds to drinks from some of these breweries and cafes.



Experience Local

What do you find yourself doing every time you get away? Do you enjoy tours, history and sightseeing? How about adrenaline-pumping adventures? Maybe outdoor adventure is your thing. You can experience a Saskatchewan adventure to your taste. From charming small towns to our larger centres, you can find many local businesses, attractions and unique accommodations that you probably didn’t know existed or you can rediscover with your household bubble.


Maybe you want to get out of town? Our parks have a range of experiences, from snowshoeing and cross-country skiing and skating, to ice fishing. Or maybe cozied up in a log cabin nestled in the woods in front of  a crackling fire with a hot beverage is more your style? You can find that too.


We suggest some of these local experiences. 



Shop Local

There are two things better than winter in Saskatchewan. Looking good and feeling good in winter. Shopping local has never been more exciting. Need some new clothing? We have some trendy brands. How about some new boots? Everyone needs boots in winter. Jewelry? Check. There are local brands producing honey and mustard. 


Your Christmas wish list could be full from Sasky brands. Check these out:



So, let’s talk about local. Actually, lets support local and then we can talk about it :) 


Big thanks to IG'er @theetiffanyann for the wonderful picture!