5 Saskatchewan Provincial Parks with Comfortable Lodging

Provincial Parks are often associated with camping, but did you know many of Saskatchewan’s provincial parks have lodging options as well? If you are looking for an escape to nature with the comfort of a warm bed, these five provincial parks might be just what you need.


1. Duck Mountain Provincial Park

With recently renovated cabins and condos located right next to the beach and boat rentals available at the marina, Madge Lake is the perfect choice for a summer getaway.


2. Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

Close to all park amenities, The Resort at Cypress Hills offers hotel rooms, townhouses and cabins, and features a restaurant on-site and yoga/fitness studio. The Resort is the perfect choice for a getaway, any time of the year. 


3. Pike Lake Provincial Park

Night Owl Camping Cabins, located within Pike Lake Provincial Park, offer a unique and relaxing camping experience in rustic log cabins close to the park's many attractions.


4. Great Blue Heron Provincial Park

A gateway to Prince Albert National Park's trail system, Land of the Loon is a lakeside resort on Anglin Lake offering year-round lodging and recreation. 


5. Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park

Located in Rowan's Ravine Provincial Park, G&S Marina Outfitters is your family and sportsman’s vacation destination, offering a wide variety of fishing and hunting packages as well as fully equipped cabins.

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