10 Halloween Adventures That Make You Go BOO

Halloween in Saskatchewan can be a chilling experience. However, we don’t have to wait until All Hallows Eve to celebrate autumn’s grand finale. There are lots of haunted places and mysterious spaces to have some spooky fun with family, friends and neighbours throughout the month of October.

Sask Halloween Adventures  

Western Development Museum

The Western Development Museum invites ghouls and goblins of all ages to celebrate Halloween at three museum locations across the province.


Sask Halloween Adventures

Bump in the Night, Government House

Take your family to Government House for a night of magic and mystery at Bump in the Night. The grand haunted house, built in 1891, is rumoured to have mischievous resident ghosts. You may hear creaky footsteps and hear some eerie sounds if resident spirit Howie is lingering around.

Sask Halloween Adventures

Wascana Spooktacular and Pumpkin Way, Wascana Centre

A free Halloween Nature Program including a Halloween village, dissections, spooky discoveries, live animals and creepy crafts. Stroll through glowing pumpkins in the park, along Pumpkin Way. See Regina’s best Jack-o-Lanterns shine one more time at Wascana Lake.


Sask Halloween Adventures

Al Benesocky’s Shock House

Blood curdles in Al Benesocky’s Shock House. Watch your back in these haunted houses of horror.


Sask Halloween Adventures

The Haunted Museum, Sukanen Pioneer Ship and Museum

The Haunted Museum event puts a frightful twist on this collection of 100,000 artifacts and historically significant buildings. Explore this fascinating museum in the dark and see what finds you.


Sask Halloween Adventures

Halloween Haunted Farm, Grotto Gardens Country Market, Maple Creek

Get spooked at the Grotto Gardens Halloween Haunted Farm. Explore a haunted house, if you dare, or treat yourself to some tasty Halloween treats, fresh from the bakery.


Sask Halloween Adventures

Halloween Boonanza by Fairy Door Tours

Discover the magic of Fairy Door Tours with a Halloween twist. Have an enchanting afternoon visiting fairy houses and gnome homes.

The Dark Hub, Nutrien Wonderhub

Grown-ups can eat, drink and be scary at The Dark Hub. Learn all about special effects makeup and show off your "monster mash" moves on the dance floor.

The Dark Market, Capitol Music Club

Celebrate the strange and unusual at The Dark Market. Meet local creators and explore all things horror, occult, supernatural, antique, oddity, alternative and obscure.

Pumpkin Smash, Black Fox Farm and Distillery

At the Pumpkin Smash, find out what happens when a 2,000-pound pumpkin is dropped on a car. Then see it again when two more giant pumpkins meet the same fate. 


Sask Halloween Adventures

Haunted Corn Maze, Corn Trails

Venture out to Corn Trails near the north end of Good Spirit Lake. Wander in the maze by moonlight on Friday Flashlight Nights. But watch out for zombies on your way to the witch’s house at Halloween.


Did you have a spooky Halloween adventure? We’d love to hear about your experience and see some photos too. #ExploreSask