5 Guided Tours in Saskatchewan Parks

Saskatchewan has an impressive parks system, with several parks open year-round. Guided tours with knowledgeable park interpreters lead to discoveries you may never make on your own. Here are a few guided park tours to consider.

Fossil Fever – Grasslands National Park, East Block

Grassland National Park’s East Block bares a gritty, rugged character with infinite stories of prehistoric life on the planet. Its Rock Creek Badlands yield a treasure trove of fossils and adventures.

Fossil Fever is a summer highlight, held each August. Explore the area with Royal Saskatchewan Museum palaeontologists and learn the ins and outs of fossil hunting. After a day of discovery, enjoy Fossil Talks in the evening.

Guided Tours in Saskatchewan

Where the Buffalo RoamGrasslands National Park, West Block

The West Block’s distinguishing feature is the Frenchman River, where the silence is interrupted by the playful chatter of black-tailed prairie dogs and thundering movement of bison across the prairie. Where the Buffalo Roam tours, offered in July and August, examine the history of Plains bison during a tour of the park’s handling facility. Following the tour, learn about the importance of the bison to Indigenous peoples during a guided hike.

Guided Tours in Saskatchewan

Treetop Zip – Treeosix Adventure Parks, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

Experiences at Treeosix Adventure Parks in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park are more than a quick zip above the lodgepole pine forest canopy. Two-hour guided zipline tours prepare guests to “fly through the trees with ease,” while gaining an appreciation of the beautiful surroundings.

Climb a rope ladder, walk a sky bridge, and soar across 2,000 feet of ziplines connected by treetop platforms. It’s a thrill that will leave you screaming for more. Treeosix Adventure Parks operate from May-September.

Guided Tours in Saskatchewan

Mystery of the Bog – Prince Albert National Park

Spanning 3,875 sq. km, Prince Albert National Park has a network of trails that take visitors deep into the boreal forest. Mystery of the Bog tours explore the Boundary Bog Trail, a 2 km loop that winds through the shadowy world of the black spruce bog, where carnivorous plants share a home with dwarf birch, golden tamarack and a variety of birds and wildlife. Prince Albert National Park is open year-round.

Guided Tours in Saskatchewan

Boreal Forest ExposedSundogs Excursions, Great Blue Heron Provincial Park

Experiences with Sundogs Excursions really do take the chill out of winter – nothing warms the heart like canine love. With a trained musher and team of Alaskan huskies in charge, your role is simply to sit tight and enjoy the ride. Sundogs Excursions offers a variety of tours that range from 1.5 hours to half-day to overnight or longer, as well as customized trips. There are even Moon Dog Express excursions during a full moon. The Signature Canadian Experience provides guests with in-depth knowledge of the landscape, the people and wildlife.

Guided Tours in Saskatchewan