Wild Paradise: 4 or more days on the Churchill River

The Churchill River takes all of the “Saskatchewan is flat and boring” stereotypes and blows them out of the water. Stretching across the province from east to west, the mighty Churchill River offers incredible opportunities for canoeing, fishing and sightseeing. See how you could spend four or more days in paradise.


Day 1: Canoeing

Northern Saskatchewan is known as a canoer’s paradise. People from around the world visit each year to paddle across some of the finest canoe country that North America and the world has to offer. The Churchill River is made up of a series of interconnected lakes with countless falls and rapids flowing through the rugged Canadian Shield.

Where to get started: Churchill River Canoe Outfitters, CanoeSki Discover Company Ltd.

canoeing churchill river 

What the locals are saying:“Gorgeous, dynamic river and amazing fishing too!” – Bobbe


Day 2: Sightseeing

Take a boat tour to some of the scenic and historic landmarks of the Churchill. Take in the powerful Nistowiak Falls, ancient Indigenous rock paintings and Saskatchewan’s oldest standing building.

Where to find a guide: Jim’s Camp Ltd.

nistowiak falls 

What the locals are saying: “All the views of the river are awesome.” – Marie


Day 3: Fishing

Lots of fish and pristine wilderness. Whether or not you are a seasoned angler, fishing along the Churchill River will give you an experience you won’t soon forget. Large bald eagles are plentiful and you might even see one doing its own fishing right in front of you!

Take a break on one of the many islands scattered throughout the Churchill River to enjoy a shore lunch with your fresh catch on the menu.

Tip: Otter Rapids is a popular shore lunch spot, and for good reason!

Where to start fishing: Thompsons Camps L.P., Twin Falls Lodge

fishing churchill river 

What the locals are saying: “The fishing is incredible! The scenery with water, lakes, rapids, islands is breathtakingly beautiful.” – Jack


Day 4: Flying

Yes, flying! Northern Saskatchewan is scattered with thousands of lakes and rivers, making transportation by float plane one of the more popular options. Anglers and canoeists alike take to the sky to visit their favourite secluded destinations that would otherwise be very difficult to access. Seeing the pristine northern landscape from the window of a float plane will provide perspective on the enormous scale of lakes and rivers that you can’t get any other way.

Where to book a flight: Thompsons Camps L.P.

float plane churchill river 

What the locals are saying: “The best topography in Saskatchewan. Come and see.” – Rickner


Day ?: Endless Exploring

The Churchill River system is vast and the thousands of other lakes and rivers in Saskatchewan’s north are just waiting to be explored.

otter rapids 

What the locals are saying: “Beautiful scenery, great fishing and lots of friendly people.” – Trish

Interested to learn more? Check out the History of the Churchill.