7 Places to Golf In and Around Regina

With the Wascana Golf and Country Club hosting the 2018 LPGA CP Women’s Open in Regina from August 20-26, you may get the itch play a round or two of golf. Fortunately for you (and your itch) there are plenty of places to test your skills and have a lot of fun while you’re at it.

Whether you’re an avid golfer, a novice who doesn’t know a putter from an iron, or somewhere in between, there’s a course in and around Regina suited for your game. Here are some of the beautiful courses for you to play during the summer. 

Deer Valley Golf Course
Deer Valley Golf Club | Deer Valley
18 holes
Location: 30km NW of Regina
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Royal Regina Golf Course
Royal Regina Golf Club | Regina
18 Holes
Location: In Regina
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Katepwa Beach Golf Course
Katepwa Beach Golf Club | Katepwa Beach
9 holes
Location: 95km NE of Regina
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Hillcrest Golf Course
Hillcrest Golf Club | Moose Jaw
18 holes
Location: 73km W of Regina
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Murray Golf Course | Regina
18 holes
Location: 13km NE of Regina
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Long Creek Golf and Country Club
Long Creek Golf & Country Club | Avonlea
18 holes
Location: 75km SW of Regina
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Echo Ridge Golf Course
Echo Ridge Golf Course| Fort Qu'Appelle
9 holes
Location: 75km NE of Regina
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Quick Facts

  • With 206 facilities serving a population of just over 1.15 million, Saskatchewan is second only to PEI in terms of golf facilities per capita in Canada.
  • 149 of the Saskatchewan’s 206 golf facilities are 9-hole courses, second among all provinces.
  • At 72 per cent, Saskatchewan has the highest percentage of 9-hole facilities among any Canadian province or US State across North America.
  • 125 (60 per cent) of Saskatchewan’s golf facilities were added between 1960 and 2000.
  • Saskatchewan golf facilities rank among the most accessible for public golfers. 202 of the 206 facilities offer daily fee access.
  • The first golf course in the province was a four-hole layout crafted by a member of the North West Mounted Police in 1896.

Source: Golf Facilities in Canada 2017