7 Reasons to Camp in Spring

saskatchewan provincial national park camping campfire

1. Little Less Crowded

Spring is generally less busy than summer, so get out there and pick your favourite campsite.

Whether you enjoy canoeing, kayaking, hiking, fishing, or photography, spring is the best season to have more space to yourself.

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2. Bugs Aren't Out to Eat You Alive

Bugs usually don’t get the memo that winter is over as soon as we do. Spring camping means you can enjoy being outside without having to lather as much bug spray on as you would in summer.

3. Campfires Feel Better in Spring

Yes, spring nights can be cooler than in summer, but cooler nights also make huddling close together around the fire feel that much better.

campfire friends saskatchewan

4. New Spring Growth

Spring is full of vibrant colours and scents that can’t be matched by any other season. The grass is greener and the wild flowers are blooming. Breathe in the fresh spring air and feel the energy.

5. Wildlife

Not only are you excited to get outside after a long winter, wildlife is too. Bears are coming out of hibernation and hundreds of bird species are migrating up north, such as the whooping crane, which spends its winters in the state of Texas. Join the spring celebration and Keep your eyes and ears open.

saskatchewan provincial national park baby moose

6. Not too Hot, Not too Cold

Summer months can be scorching hot in parts of Saskatchewan with temperatures rising to 40°C, while spring temperatures are generally mild in comparison between 10°C and 25°C. 

Instead of spending your day searching for shade and ice cream (ice cream sounds pretty good actually), put on a couple layers and enjoy spending more time doing whatever it is you like to do in the spring season.

7. Longer Camping Season!

Camping season is your favourite time of year. Why not make the season longer?