Your guide to making this a local holiday season

Saskatchewan is a hotspot for unique, locally produced goods. Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect Saskatchewan-made gift for friends and loved ones. When you purchase local, you are supporting people in the community – maybe even your next door neighbour!


Fill your fridge and pantry with an incredible variety of locally grown products to share with your friends and family.

Consider gifting a meal at a restaurant that gets their ingredients from local producers. Unique eateries are popping up everywhere and are a great way to highlight the bounty that Saskatchewan has to offer. Its also a way to avoid eating Aunt Sally’s dried out holiday pot roast again.


'Tis the season for sharing a beverage or two with people you probably haven’t seen since last Christmas. There are plenty of local craft beers, ciders and wine to share around the table, along with a few non-alcoholic brews that won’t leave you with a hangover the next morning. And don’t forget to plan a safe way to get home if you’re drinking a couple of delicious local brews of the alcoholic variety.  


Always have a safe ride home by downloading the SGI "Safe Ride" App - no excuses!

Not Boozy


Dress ‘em up in stylish Saskatchewan wears (get it?).


What better way to showcase and support Saskatchewan’s artists than by giving someone a locally crafted object to be put on display and enjoyed for years to come.