5 Cool Things to See at Agribition

Every November, the Canadian Western Agribition (CWA) stages the largest agricultural trade show in Western Canada, with tens of thousands of people coming through the gates to participate in cattle auctions, see some great animal entertainment and squeeze in some Christmas shopping. Get your tickets and head down to the International Trade Centre at Evraz Place to experience cattle, cowboys and jousting. Wait, jousting? 

Great Big Machines
Canadian Western Agribition

There is an old joke about a city dweller who runs his $80,000 sports car off a grid road into a ditch and asks a farmer for help. “Hold on a minute,” says the farmer. “I’ll haul out your $80,000 car with my $400,000 combine.” Come to the Trade Show and take a look at some of the biggest and coolest machines you have ever seen. Test drives are probably not available.

Cows and Then Some
Canadian Western Agribition

The cattle auctions are spectacular events, but cows are not the only animals at Agribition. The Canadian National Bison Show and Sale will introduce you to these giant creatures a lot closer than you will get in nature. Cowboy Mounted Shooting involves competitors riding horses through a course while shooting at target balloons with single-action revolvers. Wander a bit (Agribition is great for wandering) and you will find chickens, sheep, stock dogs and more. If you need a break from the action, try a session of goat yoga.

Indigenous Pavilion
Canadian Western Agribition

Every year, the Indigenous Pavilion showcases First Nations culture with drummers and champion dancers, storytelling, shopping, language stations and more. The Pavilion is open every day from 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Races and Rodeos
Canadian Western Agribition

Professional rodeo returns to the Agribition grounds, with four nights of outstanding action from top-ranked rodeo competitors. The first event is free to attend. For the second year in a row, Agribition is hosting Running with the Bulls. A shiny Champion belt buckle (and some cash) will go to the winner.

… and Jousting
Canadian Western Agribition

Yes, jousting. Six mounted knights charge each other with 11-ft. lances, vying to be the Full Contact Jousting champion. Unchoreographed and unflinching, this is an authentic full-contact sport. You do not want to miss this.

The 2017 Canadian Western Agribition runs from November 20-25 at the International Trade Centre at Evraz Place Regina.  

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