Catch your fill this summer!

Boating along the rock lined shores, pulling into a nice calm bay and catching a pike in your first five minutes – that’s what happens when you’re fishing at Jan Lake.

Jan Lake is a popular drive-in fishing destination located just off of the Hanson Lake Road in north east Saskatchewan.  With easy access, a variety of accommodation options and great fishing it makes for a perfect get-away.  

Walleye, northern pike, white fish and yellow perch are what you can expect to catch throughout the fishing season. May, June and September are your best bet for high-yield catches.  Jan Lake’s weedy bays and shorelines are perfect for trolling for northern pike.  Whereas sandy areas protected by rocky shoals are where you’ll find the walleye.   

Cabins, campsites and boat rentals are available at:
Jan Lake Lodge
F.A.T.S. Camp
Three Lakes Camp 

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