Picturesque Spots In and Around the Queen City

Local photographer Herry Himanshu presents some of his favourite locations in and around Regina.

Wascana Centre

Location: 2900 Wascana Drive

Wascana Centre is easily my top pick to take photos when I want to stay in the city. There are so many photo locations along the 4km trail that loops around the lake. The park’s beauty is at its peak during the colourful autumn months. Enjoy a walk at golden hour and take some sweet lake photos of the sunset.

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Douglas Park Hill
Location: 3025 McDonald Street and 20th Avenue Another spot I love to take photos in the city is the Douglas Park hill. The view of Regina’s skyline from here is second to none. On Canada Day you can also get a fantastic view of the fireworks. When you go, make sure to bring your picnic gear, water and some bug spray. 

**Bonus – sometimes you can catch the northern lights from this spot if they are strong enough.**

Wascana Trails
Location: 30km NW of Regina
Wascana Trails is a gem of a place to take photos. At the top are the beautiful Qu’Appelle Valley views and many different trails to shoot. At the bottom of the valley you can take nice photos of the winding Wascana Creek. With its location away from the city, there isn’t much light pollution so it makes for a great spot to watch and shoot the night sky.

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Buffalo Pound Provincial Park
Location: Approximately 35km NW of Moose Jaw
“What did mama buffalo say when her youngest went off to college?”
- “Bison!”
Seriously, who doesn’t like to see bison? Buffalo Pound Provincial Park is a great place to see these magnificent animals in action along with exploring some beautiful trails such as the Nicolle Flats marsh boardwalk.

Lumsden Valley
Location: Approximately 35km NW of Regina on Highway 11
Located in the middle of the vast Qu’Appelle valley, the Lumsden area is another beautiful photo spot. In the golden hour, the soft light hitting the valley is a treat to watch and photograph. The “Little Church in the Valley” (according to Google Maps), the trestle bridge going over the Qu’Appelle river, and Last Mountain Lake are some of my top favourite spots.

Location: Approximately 35km W of Regina on Highway 1
If you like photographing the rural essence of Saskatchewan, Pense is a great area to find some beautiful abandoned barns close to Regina. Being free of light pollution also makes it a wonderful place to see northern lights.

Author: Herry Himanshu

Herry Himanshu Going LocalHerry is an outdoors and lifestyle photographer based out of Regina. When he’s not working at his IT day job or binge-watching movies and tv shows, he’s out finding hidden gems to shoot.