Booking Details

Outdoor Classroom bookings will be accepted from Monday, January 15, 2024, to Tuesday, May 21, 2024, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Bookings will close on May 21, 2024. Sask Parks will not accept any additional bookings after this date. We recommend booking early to secure your spot.

Starting in January 2024, we ask that educators use the new online tool, and we will no longer accept booking requests via email. If you have additional questions about the Outdoor Classroom programs, please contact us at

Outdoor Classroom Programs

Sask Park Interpreters offer a unique opportunity for active, experiential and land-based learning. Grade recommendations are included for each Outdoor Classroom program. If you wish to inquire about adapting a program to a different grade level, please don't hesitate to contact the Sask Parks team at School programs provide hands-on learning that aligns with the Saskatchewan curriculum and leaves a lasting impression on children of all ages.

Outdoor Classroom Programs are available from Tuesday to Friday, May 21 to June 21, 2024. Program times vary by park; please refer to the online booking platform for additional information. Canoe and kayaking programs are offered at select parks and typically commence on June 1, subject to park conditions.


At Sask Parks, education is one of the most effective ways to help preserve the nature and beauty of this province. Therefore, the Outdoor Classroom educational program is offered free of charge.

A valid Park Entry Permit is required for all vehicles upon entering the park, including buses and chaperone vehicles. Park Entry Permits can be purchased at the park entry gate, park office, or online. You can learn more about Park Entry Permits by clicking the button below.

We recommend allowing extra travel time in your schedule if you plan to purchase a Park Entry Permit upon arrival at the park. To purchase a Park Entry Permit in advance, click the button below.

Group Camping

Group camping is provided at no cost to school groups from the Tuesday after Labour Day until the June 23 each year, inclusive. To make reservations for group campsites, teachers should contact the park office directly. Standard nightly group camping rates apply outside of these dates, along with a non-refundable $12 reservation fee. A valid Park Entry Permit is also mandatory.


Supervision by a teacher or adult chaperone is mandatory for all Outdoor Classroom groups. The teacher or chaperone must be present with the group at all times during the visit. The group's conduct is the responsibility of the teacher or chaperone.

Teacher or Adult Chaperone Requirements:

  • For Kindergarten to Grade 6 groups, a minimum of 2 teachers or adult chaperones per group is required.
  • For Grade 7 to 12 groups, a minimum of 1 teacher or adult chaperone per group is required.
  • If teachers or adult chaperones arrive in separate vehicles from the main group, they must purchase separate Park Entry Permits.


Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start of an Outdoor Classroom program to allow time for restroom breaks and group organization.

Please phone your Sask Parks representative to let them know if you are arriving late. The team will try to accommodate changes; however, late arrivals may result in program reduction or cancellation due to other school booking commitments.

Outdoor Classroom programs are generally not canceled due to weather, unless specifically requested by the school or in extreme and unsafe situations.

Teacher Preparation

Teachers will receive a detailed confirmation form upon booking. Park Interpreters will confirm the final itinerary details, such as meeting locations, packing lists and other reminders, prior to your visit in May and June.

Sask Parks offers a mix of guided and self-guided experiences during your visit. Outdoor Classroom programs have predefined start times. If you would like to request a schedule accommodation, please contact Sask Parks at

Outdoor Classroom programs can accommodate up to 30 students at a time. If your group exceeds 30 students, you will need to divide it into smaller groups, each consisting of 30 or fewer students. You will be required to book multiple Outdoor Classroom program slots based on the number of groups in your party.

If you need to split your group, there are several options to complement your booking:

  • Consider booking a teacher-led self-use program concurrently.
  • Provide your students with recreational or free time. Most parks offer recreational equipment such as outdoor games or sports equipment, depending on available facilities.
  • Many parks also offer additional amenities and services for school groups to enjoy.

Classroom Resources for Teachers

Below, you will find several resources created by our Saskatchewan Parks team specifically for teachers, designed to inspire learning. These resources aim to bring the joy of nature exploration to your students, showcasing the exceptional outdoor experiences that Saskatchewan Provincial Parks have to offer.


Physical Education & Wellness

Exploring on Your Own

Saskatchewan parks offer a range of self-guided opportunities for independent exploration and learning. Interactive resources like self-guided trails, Visitor Centre exhibits, interpretive signs and Discovery Packs, packed with engaging activities and information, are readily available to make learning an enjoyable experience for your class.