A special event within the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport is defined as any activity out of a provincial park's ordinary routine that occurs one time per calendar year. Examples include athletic events, car shows, concerts, film productions, fishing derbies, fundraisers, weddings, etc.

What is required to host a Special Event?

  1. Download, complete and submit a Special Event Policy and Application. (note: application must be downloaded to your computer to be filled in and submitted)
  2. Receive agreement and/or permit for approved event.
  3. Pay applicable special event fees directly with the park where the special event will be hosted.
  4. Abide by all conditions agreed upon.

All Special Events will require a complete and approved Special Event or Vendor permit if you answer yes to two or more of the questions below:

  1. Will the event require partial or exclusive closures in-park locations and/or amenities such as: roads, trails, waterways, day-use areas, etc.?
  2. Will banners and signage be used to promote the event?
  3. Will food be provided to participants?
  4. Will you promote this event on social media, and/or will the media be present at the event?
  5. Will the event require infrastructure such as tents, speakers, generators or portable toilets?
  6. Will the event have over 50 people attending?
  7. Will there be alcohol served at the event?
  8. Are you hosting a wedding?