Sand that makes you feel like you are in another world

Sask Parks are home to some beautifully unique, naturally occurring sand dunes that will transport you to what feels like another world. Hike the dune trails and discover these sandy Saskatchewan gems.


Douglas Provincial Park is nestled along Lake Diefenbaker. Known for fantastic activity on the water and recreation opportunities, it also protects a large sand dunes area. Remnants of an ancient lakebed, that was frozen over during the last ice age, the sand dunes are accessible from the 2.85 km "Dunes Trail" or more challenging 4 km "Cacti Trail". The sand dunes at Douglas are a must-see!

Good Spirit

Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park is not only home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Canada, it is also home to naturally occurring sand dunes. Spanning along the Dunes Discovery Trail, the sand dunes in Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park can reach as high as five stories tall, with gorgeous views of Good Spirit Lake. This beginner-friendly trail is roughly 3 km long, and is perfect for a quick break and some breathtaking views.