- stay above the snow!

Cross Country Ski Trails
Park / Rec Site Trail details Region
Great Blue Heron Anglin Trails: 20 km
Valley View Trail: 6 km
Murray Point Campground Trail: 2 km
Lac La Ronge

Nut Point Campground Loops:

  • (Skiing only) Loops 3 & 4, and main road: 4 km
  • (Multi-Use Trail) Loops 1 & 2: 1.2 km

Don Allen Ski Trails: 20+ km
Saskaloppet Trail: 27.5 km

Makwa Lake Alder Trail: 2.7 km Closed
Birch Trail: 5.2 km
Pine Trail: 3.0 km
Poplar Trail: 1.9 km
Spruce Trail: 0.8 km
Meadow Lake Haymeadow Trail: Various distances all signposted Northern
Blackstrap Cross Country Ski Loop: 5 km Central
Duck Mountain Front 10: 3.1 km
Jack Rabbit Junction: 0.9 km
Fire Tower: 5.8 km
Ski Hill: 10 km
Woodchuck: 0.75 km
Batka Major: 5 km
Rundle Lake: 13.2 km
Sergeant Lake: 3.3 km
Moose Lake: 5.6 km
Tamarack: 5.2 km
Bruno's Way: 0.6 km
Good Spirit Lake TCT-Great Trail: 14 km (approx) Central
Greenwater Lake Hawkins Small Loop #1: 3.7 km
Hawkins Trail #2: 6.3 km
Metoos Trail #3: 3.8 km
Wuche Trail #4: 5.5 km
Meota Trail # 5: 5 km
Yotin Trail #6: 7.5 km
Pike Lake Cactus Hills Main: 4.4 km
Cactus Hills Short: 0.4 km
Buffalo Pound Maple Vale Loop: 0.75 km
Shady Lane Connector: 0.9 km
Shady Lane Loop: 0.89km
Maverick: 3.1 km (Multi-use)
Nicolle Flats Trail: 3 km (Multi-use)
Valley Trail: 1.5 km (Multi-use)
Cypress Hills

The Big Loop: 4.7 km
The Medium Loop: 2.3 km
The Small Loop: 1.4 km (currently closed - downed trees)

Echo Valley Trail Head Connector: 2.0 km
Coyote Connector: 0.7 km
Coyote Trail: 2.1 km
Fox Trail: 1.9 km
Jackrabbit: 2.4 km
Moose Mountain

Fish Creek Campground:
You can make it as short or as long as you like (trails go up and down all streets in the campground)

Academy Trail: 3.84 km loop
Whitetail Trail: 3.0 km one-way
Scott-Ray Trail: 9.4 km loop
Scott-Ray Alternative Trail: 2.5 km (using the alternative trail would make the Scott-Ray Loop a 10.1 km trail)

Corral Lake Trail: 6.2 km loop
Jabe Lake North Trail: 8 km loop
Stirrup Lake Trail: 12.4 km loop
Pipeline Trail
: 4.7 km loop

Wascana Valley Nature Recreation Site
 * Southern
White Bute Trails
Recreation Site
 * Southern