Enjoy some fun with your family

Parks are still going to be a bit different this summer - but we will do our best to give you and your friends and family the most fun that summer can offer while staying safe.

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Night Caching - a spin-off of the popular activity, Geocaching! Use flashlights to find hidden reflective pins, called fire tacks, that will guide you on a course through nature to find clues and solve a riddle. Fire tacks will shine back at your eyes brightly when a flashlight is pointed at them. Follow specific posted instructions for details on navigating through the course using the fire tacks. This activity must be enjoyed after dusk. Please bring enough flashlights for each member of your group.

Nature Caching - another modified version of Geocaching. Visual clues such as flags or pictures are used instead of GPS coordinates to guide users through a short trail to find clues. Nature Caching is easy for young children to enjoy as an alternative to traditional GPS-focused Geocaching. Follow specific posted instructions for details on navigating through the course. Don’t forget your hiking essentials such as insect repellent and a water bottle!

Geocaching - A fun, family-friendly outdoor pastime that is equal parts scavenger hunt, hike, outdoor adventure and gift exchange with a technological twist.

How to begin:

A Global Positioning System (GPS) device or a GPS-enabled mobile phone is required. Check with your park for availability of devices to borrow.

What you can find at each cache location:

  • waterproof container
  • a log book to sign
  • a treasure (cache or geocoin)

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