NOTE: Camping fees vary by service type and location, see Campsite Reservation Service for details. All fees are subject to change - All prices include taxes - Full payment for all booking categories is required at the time of booking (Visa/Mastercard). Reservation, change, cancellation and Call Centre surcharge fees are non-refundable.

 Online Reservations

Bookings (reservations)

$12 online using the Campsite Reservation Service
$14 when using the Call Centre
This fee is non-refundable.

2020 Annual Park Entry Permit

Park Entry Permit

We encourage all campers to purchase an Annual Park Entry Permit online when reserving your site
to limit contact at the park

To access any Saskatchewan Provincial Parks you will require a park entry permit year round. Annual park entry permits are a great way to ensure you can enjoy park offerings every season.

Charged on a per vehicle basis
$10 = 1-Day | $40 = Weekly: Available through the Campsite Reservation Service only when booking campsite, and also available at the park.

$75 = Annual: Campers are encouraged to purchase their annual park entry permit through the Campsite Reservation Service when booking campsite to limit contact during their camping experience (mailed out if purchased more than 14 days before stay). Also available at our parks or through participating CAA offices.

Seniors: If you are a Saskatchewan resident 65 or older (or turning 65 years of age anytime during the current year) and provide valid Saskatchewan identification:

  • You can receive a free daily or weekly park entry permit into a provincial park.
  • You can claim one free annual park entry permit if you have a seasonal campsite reservation in a provincial park.

Note: 2020 Annual Park Entry Permits valid until April 30, 2021

*No refunds once a Annual Park Entry Permit has been issued.
Lost or stolen entry permits will not be refunded or replaced.



$42 Full Service
$32 Electric
$20 Non-Electric
$18 Economy* 
$20 Equestrian* 


$2,270 Electric
$1,220 Non-Electric
$960 Economy

Seasonal campers will require an Annual Park Entry Permit



$65 per night

Mongolian Yurt

$110 per night

   Prices do NOT include Park Entry Permit or booking fee
 Group Camping

Group Sites

(up to seven sites)

$120 Electric
$80 Non-Electric
$72 Economy

(8-12 sites)

$180 Electric
$120 Non-Electric
$108 Economy

(13 or more sites)

$240 Electric
$160 Non-Electric
$144 Economy

All fees listed are per night.
  Prices do NOT include Park Entry Permit or booking fee

Cannington Manor and Fort Carlton Admission

Unavailable until further notice

$4 Adult
$1 Youth (6-18 years) 
$9 Family
FREE Child (5 years and under)

  Prices do NOT include Park Entry Permit or booking fee
 Outdoor Pool

Swimming Pools

Cypress Hills | Pike Lake | Buffalo Pound

$5 Daily
$25 Weekly
$75 Full Season
$2 Daily
$2 Institutional Camp
$10 Weekly
$30 Full Season
$14 Daily
$70 Weekly
$210 Full Season

      Swimming Lessons: = $35 (can be booked through online) - Unavailable for 2020

    Prices do NOT include Park Entry Permit or booking fee

     Group Picnic

    Day Use Facility Rentals (Picnic Shelter/Rec Halls)

    Reserve using Campsite Reservation Service for the following                 

    Pike Lake
    , Tipi Shady Lane Picnic Area - Unavailable for 2020 
    Can only be made up until two (2) days prior to scheduled arrival date at 6:00 pm CST. (e.g. a customer can book a shelter for Saturday up until 6 pm CST on the Thursday prior to arrival.)

    Recreation halls (Reserve directly through parks)

      Prices do NOT include Park Entry Permit or booking fee

    Changes or Cancellation

    Depending on when a cancellation or change is made, penalties may apply. These penalties are applied as forfeited Camping Fees and are non-refundable. 

    • If you change your reservation to a different Saskatchewan Provincial Park - it is considered a cancellation. 

    • Cancellation and change penalties are outlined in Reservation Changes or Cancellation Fees

    Refunding camping fees will be considered if:

    • The customer attempted to cancel their reservation or notified Saskatchewan Provincial Parks of their circumstances

    • There are grounds for a refund - see Refund Application Eligibility

    The Refund Application Eligibility criteria provides guidelines for what constitutes a refund.

    At the park:

    • Once you're in the park, with the permit for your site and choose to leave early - you will lose the cost of up to 4 remaining camping nights.

    • Once you’re in the park

      - refund requests should be directed to park management.