- for everyone's safety

Saskatchewan's natural beauty and clean air make camping in one of our provincial parks a refreshing experience. Our parks and recreation sites offer a wide range of camping experiences to choose from. All of our primary campgrounds offer service centres with free bathroom and shower facilities and most offer laundry facilities and playground areas. Fresh drinking water, fire pits, fire wood and picnic tables are available at all provincial parks.

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Pets are welcome in all Saskatchewan Parks and viewed as a member of the family to our visitors.

  • Pets must be vaccinated and registered with their local municipality
  • Pets must be on leash no longer than two meters at all times, with the exception of designated off-leash areas (parks and beaches), where only collars/harnesses are required
  • Pets must remain in eyeshot of their owners at all times and under their control while in off-leash areas
  • Limits on the number of dogs allowed in fenced areas at one time

Owners are responsible for pets behaviour at all times

  • Keep pets quiet
  • Keep pets from damaging property in park
  • Pick up after your pets immediately
  • Keep pet on leash at all times (leash not to exceed two (2) meters long)
  • Not permitted in public structures, beaches or in swimming areas. (watch for pet friendly signage)