The rolling hills, valleys and tall forests in our Provincial Parks make for some excellent biking adventures! Whether you’re looking for an easy bike path to experience with the whole family or an exhilarating mountain bike trail, Sask Parks is guaranteed to have what you’re looking for!

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Etiquette and Safety

Sask Parks are home to diverse landscape, vegetation, animal life, and ecosystems. Protecting this diversity is part of what makes our provincial parks special and unique. Explore safely using the following guidelines:

  • Keep to designated trails. Diverting from the path to avoid mud and ruts can harm vegetation.\
  • Slow bike speed when approaching other trail users and blind spots.
  • Make other trail users aware of your presence by using a bell.
  • Choose a trail that fits your abilities.
  • Review bear and cougar safety information prior to your outdoor adventure.
  • Respect all wildlife you encounter. Stop and allow time for animals to leave the area before proceeding on the trail.
  • Abide by all Leave No Trace principles. Pack out what you pack in.
  • Be sure to wear a helmet and pack a spare tube, pump, multi-tool, water, food, and the ten outdoor essentials.