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Q: When can I reserve a seasonal campsite?

On April 18, 2022, seasonal campsites can be reserved beginning at 7 a.m. for all parks participating in the seasonal camping program. Seasonal campsites are intended for long-term camping and must be reserved for an entire summer season (season runs from May long weekend to September 30, 2022 unless stated otherwise).

Q: When can I reserve a nightly campsite?

The schedule for nightly campsites (including Camp-Easy, economy, equestrian, non-electric, electric or full-service sites) is as follows:

April 19: Saskatchewan Landing, Good Spirit Lake, Candle Lake, Meadow Lake
April 21: Echo Valley, Douglas, Pike Lake, Narrow Hills, Makwa Lake
April 22: Rowan’s Ravine, Danielson, Greenwater Lake, Great Blue Heron, The Battlefords
April 25: Moose Mountain, Buffalo Pound, Duck Mountain, Bronson Forest
April 26: Crooked Lake, Cypress Hills, Blackstrap, Lac La Ronge

Q: Is there a queue this year? What time can I log on?

There is still a queuing system in place, however it will only be activated if the reservation site reaches a certain volume of users – this will function exactly the same as last year. If this happens, you will be placed into a queue with other users and automatically re-directed to the site when it’s your turn. Reservations will open at 7 a.m. You can log in prior to 7 a.m. if you choose, however you will need to refresh the page at 7 a.m. in order to be placed in the queue or pushed through to make a reservation.

Q: What can I do to prepare for reservation day?

  • Create a new account if you did not do so last year.
  • If you created an account last year, ensure you are still able to log in. Reset your password if needed.
  • Do research on the parks and campsites beforehand and have a list of preferred campsites ready for reservation day.
  • For new campers, become familiar with the reservation system and practice searching for and selecting your campsite of choice.
  • Check out the events and programs prior to the reservation launch to plan your stays around what’s happening in each park (details coming soon).

Q: What is new on the reservation site this year?

  • Campsite comparison – compare up to three sites online to assist in deciding the site that best suits your needs. To do this, select the circle icon  Arrows shape with two arrows next to the site number that you would like to compare.
  • Campsite favourites – create a list of favourite sites that will be saved in your online account. To do this, select the heart icon Heart shape next to the site number that you want to save in your favourites.
  • Easier park entry permit purchases – click on “Entry” in the top navigation bar on the website, select daily, weekly or annual park entry, then checkout and print the permit at home. Annual park entry permits will be mailed the next day to those who purchase their permit online (Allow up to 10 business days for delivery).
  • Programming and event reservations – more park interpretive programs, events and movie nights will be available on the reservation site ( this year for visitors to reserve their spot. Check out the events and programs prior to the reservation launch and plan your stays around what’s happening in each park!

Q: Are there any changes to the camping fees for 2022?

  • Nightly fees for Camp-Easy sites will increase to $80 to reflect the new queen bed and frame that will be added to each yurt or tent to increase comfort and overall experience.
  • Historic parks will no longer charge individual programming admission. Instead, daily, weekly or annual park entry permits will allow access to historic parks.
  • All other camping fees remain the same from 2021.

Q: How do I make a reservation on the reservation site?

Check out these tutorials on how to complete a campsite reservation. 

Book a Nightly Campsite Book a Seasonal Campsite

Q: How can I change or cancel my reservation?

You may change or cancel your reservation by visiting the reservation site ( or by calling the Saskatchewan Provincial Parks Reservation Call Centre at 1-833-775-7275.

Once you are checked-in at the park or you are past the check-in time of 2 p.m. on your day of arrival, all changes and cancellations must occur at the park. 

Q: How do I know which parks to search on the website if I have no knowledge of Sask Parks?

You can leave the location field blank or enter ‘Saskatchewan’ on the reservation site. After, there is also an option to click on the map to see where each park is located.

Q: Are there any restrictions in place due to COVID-19?

At this time, there are no restrictions in place affecting campsite reservations. Once the camping season begins, visitors will be required to follow current public health orders.