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SaskParks Camping SeasonFor a complete overview of everything you need to know about the 2021 camping season, download our guide here.

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Q: What do I have access to do on the site now that it’s live but the booking window is closed?

You now have the ability to create your account and familiarize yourself with the website. If you would like to search campsites and view details (photos, attributes, etc.), leave the arrival date box blank to generate campsite specific information. Note – if you enter dates while the booking window is closed, the search function will not work (it will work once the booking window is opened at 7 a.m. on April 12).

eGift cards and annual entry purchases will not be available until April 12 when we kick off our reservation launch. Stand-alone daily entry permits will become available when the specific parks open for reservation.

Q: Why is there a new reservation website?

The Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport’s contract for a reservation system provider was up for renewal in 2020. A formal Request for Proposals was issued and an extensive review of all proponents was completed. As a result, a new vendor has been selected.

Q: Who is the new service provider?

The new service provider is Aspira, the largest campsite reservation system provider in North America with 30 years of experience. Aspira's vast experience and expertise will be of great value to our campers.

Q:  Am I required to create a new user account?

Yes, customers are required to create a new account. Check out this tutorial to help guide you through the process.

Create an Account

Q: When I try to create a new account, how come I receive an error message stating the email address I have entered is already in the system?

You are receiving this message as you most likely already have an Aspira account (our campsite reservation system provider), an example of this might be your HAL account. Aspira also works with other jurisdictions across Canada in the hunting, angling and camping sectors to provide online services. As a customer service convenience, anyone with an existing Aspira account across Canada can use that account email and password to transact with Saskatchewan Parks. Access to your account is controlled through an email address and password ensuring the security of your information.

Instead of creating a new account, you can either log in as an existing customer if you remember your password, or you can choose to reset your password. Please be aware that if you choose to reset you password here, your password to sign into the other systems like HAL will also be changed. If there are changes to this process, we will provide an update to all HAL and SaskParks account holders/customers.

Q: Are there any changes to the fees for 2021?

Fee changes for 2021 include a $1 increase in nightly electric sites, now $33 a night, and a $2 increase in full-service nightly sites, now $44 a night. The new full-service seasonal sites offered at Greenwater Lake and Meadow Lake provincial parks are $3400. All other fees remain the same from 2020.

View a full list of fees on our Fees & Charges page

Q: I am a senior, do I still have to pick up a daily entry permit each time I visit a park?

Saskatchewan residents 65 years or older may receive a Senior Annual Park Entry Permit which provides free entry to provincial parks year round. You must provide proof of eligibility with government-issued ID when you arrive at the park to collect your permit. The permit is assigned to your Sask Parks customer account and for your use only in Saskatchewan provincial parks. Free daily and weekly permits are available in parks as well for our short-term visitors.

Q: What seasonal sites will be available in the parks this year?

A list of seasonal campsites available for 2021 can be found on our Seasonal / Long-term Camping page.

Q: What time do reservations begin each day?

New this year, reservations will begin at 7 a.m. each day – there is no longer a need to log on at 6:40 a.m. in order to be placed in the queue.

Seasonal campsite reservations:

  • April 12 - Seasonal campsites for all parks offering seasonal camping

Nightly, Camp-Easy, group, equestrian, rec hall and swimming lesson reservations:

  • April 14 - Pike Lake, The Battlefords, Narrow Hills, Blackstrap
  • April 16 - Bronson Forest, Meadow Lake, Makwa Lake, Lac La Ronge
  • April 19 - Saskatchewan Landing, Douglas, Danielson
  • April 20 - Buffalo Pound, Rowan's Ravine, Echo Valley, Crooked Lake
  • April 21 - Cypress Hills
  • April 22 - Duck Mountain, Good Spirit Lake, Greenwater Lake
  • April 23 - Candle Lake, Great Blue Heron, Moose Mountain

Q: Why was the queue removed?

There is still a queuing system in place, however it functions a little differently than the previous one. The queue will only be activated if the reservation site reaches a certain volume of users. If this happens, you will be placed into a queue with the other users and automatically re-directed to the site when it’s your turn.

Q: How do I make a reservation on the new site?

Check out these tutorials on how to complete a campsite reservation to help prepare you for the reservation launch. 

Book a Nightly CampsiteBook a Seasonal Campsite

Q:  What is being done to ensure campers can’t stockpile campsites at the time of reservation launch or thereafter?

Sask Parks does not recommend booking numerous reservations in an attempt to secure your campsite of choice, and then later cancelling the unwanted reservations. Change and cancel policies will be applied to all reservations changed or cancelled once purchased, including seasonal sites. Cancellation penalties will add up and could be very costly to campers who take this approach (10% of the seasonal fee will be charged if cancelled prior to May long weekend, which ranges from $110 to $340 per site cancelled, plus additional fees if cancelled after May long weekend).

Campers should take time before their park of choice is available to be booked to plan their stays and ensure their plans are firmly in place before making a reservation. Campers should note, only one seasonal site per park can be booked by each customer and only four “reservations” of any type are allowed in one transaction. Campers can choose to book seasonal campsites at more than one park, but they will be responsible for change/cancel fees. As well, campers should be aware that most parks have more seasonal inventory than is usually booked. Seasonal sites that are not booked are converted to nightly sites before May long weekend.

Q: Do I have to purchase a park entry permit when I make my campsite reservation?

Thanks to your feedback we have determined that the new feature of automatically adding entry permits at the time of checkout has caused some confusion. This feature has been removed for now.

You can still purchase daily, weekly and annual entry permits online.

A Saskatchewan Provincial Park entry permit is required in all of our parks year-round. We strongly recommend that you purchase your entry at the time of your reservation so that you will be able to proceed directly to your campsite once you arrive in the park with our auto-check in function. This helps limit your contact with park staff for the safety of you and our employees.

Q:  Can I book for camping for someone else?

We recommend that campers book campsites for themselves to avoid paying for another party’s entry fees. Entry fees are charged for each campsite reservation which will allow you to proceed directly to your campsite once you arrive in the park with our auto-check in function. If customers choose to book campsites for another party, they will be responsible for entry fees for those they are booking for.

Q: How do I get my Annual Park Entry Permit?

If you purchase an Annual Park Entry Permit before May 1, the permit will be mailed to the mailing address associated with your reservation. For Annual Park Entry Permits purchased on or after May 1 you will need to pick up your permit when you arrive at the park.

Q:  Are entry permits still transferrable?

Our Annual Park Entry Permits remain transferrable. Once purchased, an Annual Park Entry Permit will be assigned to the customer account, each time camping is booked, the customer can identify which vehicle will be used for that particular camping trip and the Annual Park Entry Permit can be transferred to that vehicle.

Q: How do I know which parks to search on the website if I have no knowledge of Sask Parks?

You can leave the location field blank or enter ‘Saskatchewan’ on the reservation site. After, there is also an option to click on the map to see where each park is located.

COVID Related Q&A's

Q: Will Group Camping be available this season? Will there be restrictions due to public health orders?

Yes, group camping reservations will be available during the launch. While group campsites are being offered, Sask Parks expects all visitors to adhere to public health orders and guidelines. Presently outdoor gathering can be up to 10 people with physical distancing measures in place. While group sites may have occupancy for numerous households, the public outdoor gathering limits during your stay will need to be adhered to. These limits and all public health orders are subject to change based on the COVID-19 situation.

Q: What will the camping season look like this year?

Will there be restrictions in place? As of right now, Sask Parks is continuing to plan as if it will be a normal camping season including additional COVID safety protocols such as enhanced cleaning, signage to ensure physical distancing, proper mask use, etc. Sask Parks will be following all public health orders put in place by the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Q: I live outside of Saskatchewan. Can I make a reservation?

At this time, customers from out of province are able to reserve campsites for the 2021 season. Currently it is public health’s recommendation to limit interprovincial travel. Out of province campers should be aware the restrictions could change and consider that when deciding if they should reserve a campsite. We will continue to follow public health’s guidelines. You can keep up to date here.

Q: Will there be priority given to Saskatchewan residents for campsite reservations this year?

No, Saskatchewan Provincial Parks are a premier tourism destination for both Saskatchewan residents and out of province visitors that contribute to our provincial and local tourism economies and support in-park small businesses. While interprovincial travel is permitted, it is public health’s recommendation to limit interprovincial travel if possible. We will continue to follow public health’s guidelines. You can keep up to date here.

Q: What measures are Sask Parks taking to prevent the spread of COVID- 19?

The health and safety of Saskatchewan residents, park users and employees is our priority. We are following public health experts' advice and implementing measures to support the Government of Canada’s efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19. With the recent COVID-19 announcements by the province, Saskatchewan Parks is doing our part to follow the recommendations and guidelines provided. Everyone is encouraged to follow the advice on the website,, and practice social distancing to limit exposure.