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Q: When can I reserve a seasonal campsite?

On April 3, 2023, seasonal campsites can be reserved beginning at 7 a.m. for all parks participating in the seasonal camping program. Seasonal campsites are intended for long-term camping and must be reserved for an entire summer season (season runs from May long weekend to September 30, 2023 unless stated otherwise).

Q: When can I reserve a nightly campsite?

The schedule for nightly campsites (including Camp-Easy, economy, equestrian, non-electric, electric or full-service sites) is as follows:

April 4: Candle Lake, Good Spirit Lake, Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan Landing
April 5: Break
April 6: Douglas, Echo Valley, Makwa Lake, Narrow Hills, Pike Lake
April 10: Danielson, Great Blue Heron, Greenwater Lake, Rowan's Ravine, The Battlefords
April 11: Buffalo Pound, Bronson Forest, Duck Mountain, Moose Mountain
April 12: Blackstrap, Crooked Lake, Cypress Hills, Lac La Ronge

Q: When can I book group camping and day-use facilities?

Group camping, pavilion, picnic shelter and rec hall bookings open on the same day as nightly reservations for each park.

Group camping, pavilion, picnic shelter and rec halls are available for reservations two seasons in advance and are currently available for online reservations from May 18, 2023, to September 30, 2023. Group camping and day-use facility bookings for 2024 will open on the same day as nightly reservations for each park.

Q: Is there a queue this year? What time can I log on?

There is a queuing system in place, however, it will only be activated if the reservation site reaches a certain volume of users - this will function exactly the same as last year. If this happens, you will be placed into a queue with other users and automatically re-directed to the site when it's your turn. Reservations will open at 7 a.m. You can log in prior to 7 a.m. if you choose, however you will need to refresh the page at 7 a.m. in order to be placed in the queue or pushed through to make a reservation.

Q: What can I do to prepare for reservation day?

  • Create a new account if you do not have one.
  • If you have an account, ensure you are still able to log in. Reset your password if needed.
  • Do research on the parks and campsites beforehand:
    • Use the campsite comparison feature - compare up to three sites online to assist in deciding the site that best suits your needs. To do this, select the circle icon with two arrows next to the site number that you would like to compare.Arrows shape
    • Create a list of favourite campsites that will be saved in your online account. To do this, select the heart icon next to the site number that you want to save in your favourites. Heart shape
  • For new campers, become familiar with the reservation system and practice searching for and selecting your campsite of choice.
  • Check out the events and programs prior to the reservation launch to plan your stays around what's happening in each park (details coming soon).

Q: What is new on the reservation site this year?

  • Notifications - New notification feature on the reservation system will allow campers to sign up to receive an alert if a specific campsite becomes available.
  • Roundup donations - Customers reserving a campsite online will notice they now have the option to donate to the parks system by choosing to roundup their purchase by a couple dollars when checking out on the reservation site. While Sask Parks has always accepted donations, this new feature provides a simple way to contribute to the preservation of provincial parks for those who wish to do so. Customers will have the option to select one of three pre-determined dollar amounts or manually enter an amount of their choice. Customers can also bypass the option to donate during the checkout process if they choose. Learn more about park donations here.

Q: Are there any changes to the camping fees for 2023?

  • Park Entry fees will increase slightly this year in response to the growing number of park services provided year-round and in accordance with Provincial Sales Tax. 2023 Park Entry fees are as follows:
    • Annual Park Entry Permit: $82
    • Weekly Park Entry Permit: $42
    • Daily Park Entry Permit: $11
  • Camp-Easy sites will increase from $80 to $85 per night and the Mongolian Yurt at Great Blue Heron Provincial Park will increase from $110 to $116 per night.
  • Some swimming entry and equipment rentals will also see a slight increase.
  • All other fees including nightly, seasonal and group camping will remain the same for the 2023 camping season.
  • All new 2023 fees can be viewed here:
  • Category 2022 Rates 2023 Rates
    Park Entry Permits
    Annual Park Entry Permit $75.00 $82.00
    Weekly Park Entry Permit $40.00 $42.00
    Daily Park Entry Permit $10.00 $11.00
    Equipped Camping (per night)
    Camp-Easy Sites $80.00 $85.00
    Mongolian Yurts $110.00 $116.00
    Swimming Pool Entry
    Daily Adult* $5.00 $5.00
    Daily Child* $2.00 $2.00
    Daily Family $14.00 $15.00
    Weekly Adult $25.00 $26.00
    Weekly Child $10.00 $11.00
    Weekly Family $70.00 $74.00
    Seasonal Adult $75.00 $79.00
    Seasonal Child $30.00 $32.00
    Seasonal Family $210.00 $222.00
    Institutional Camp per child visit* $2.00 $2.00
    Group of 35 or less $77.00 $81.00
    Each additional 15 persons $22.00 $23.00
    Equipment Rentals
    Canoe/Kayak* (per hour) $8.00 $8.00
    Snowshoes - Adult (per day) $10.00 $11.00
    Snowshoes - Youth/Child (17 years and under - per day)* $5.00 $5.00
    * indicates no change

Q: How do I make a reservation on the reservation site?

Check out these tutorials on how to complete a campsite reservation. 

Book a Nightly Campsite Book a Seasonal Campsite

Q: How can I change or cancel my reservation?

You may change or cancel your reservation by visiting the reservation site ( or by calling the Saskatchewan Provincial Parks Reservation Call Centre at 1-833-775-7275.

Once you are checked-in at the park or you are past the check-in time of 2 p.m. on your day of arrival, all changes and cancellations must occur at the park.

Q: How do I know which parks to search on the website if I have no knowledge of Sask Parks?

You can leave the location field blank or enter ‘Saskatchewan’ on the reservation site. After, there is also an option to click on the map to see where each park is located.

Q: Are provincial park donations new this year?

Sask Parks has always accepted donations, often in the form of property or goods. In response to customer feedback and inquiries Sask Parks now accepts donations online, through the reservation system.

Sask Parks has listened to customer feedback that showed visitors would like an easy way to donate. Now there's a simple process where customers can give back to the park system if they choose and also receive a tax receipt for their donation of $20 or more.

Most other Canadian parks services offer a similar donation process for their customers.

Q: Why should I donate? Where does the money go?

  • Donations give people the opportunity to support their favourite park or rec site. For Sask Parks, this funding helps augment existing funding sources and further improve services, facilities, and the overall user experience for customers.
  • Your donation can directly help enhance and preserve the provincial park system long into the future. The generosity of your donation will help fund innovations and new experiences while also supporting education and stewardship, making you a part of the history and the future of Saskatchewan provincial parks.
  • Donations from customers stay in the park system and can be made to support:
    • General operations;
    • Park-specific improvements in a specific park or rec site;
    • Education and interpretive programming;
    • Trails and recreation; and
    • Landscape protection and ecological integrity.

Q: How can I donate?

Donations can be made online or in-park to support a specific park or ongoing park activities a customer feels passionate about.