6 Virtual Adventures: Explore Saskatchewan from Home

When we’re unable to visit our favourite destinations physically, we can experience Saskatchewan virtually. Sit back, relax and explore the land of living skies in the comfort of your home.



Leah, the 2020 Saskatchewanderer, is stuck at home like the rest of us. She found a way to explore the province through her new video series, called Sofawanderer.



SaskPark’s Facebook page offers at-home activities for exploring Saskatchewan’s provincial parks from home. You’ll find some fun craft ideas here too.


Western Development Museum

Western Development Museum is the largest human history museum in Saskatchewan. A collection of over 75,000 artifacts share the Saskatchewan story, from early settlement to the present day.


Saskatchewan Science Centre

Saskatchewan Science Centre’s online resources make it easy and safe to try science experiments at home. Try the water lifting candle experiment or build a great horned owl.




Wanuskewin is a centre for sharing Indigenous culture, traditions and history dating back over 6,000 years. Learn about bison facts or discover educational videos, like Wanuskewin Puppet Tales Powwow, on Wanuskewin’s Facebook page.


Canada’s Calling Podcast

Destination Canada invites you to explore each province through a series of podcast journeys. You can skip right to Saskatchewan in episode 10, or tour the whole country.